Custom alerts/notifications for Live?


Would it be possible to add alerts (email or Slack integration I guess?) for Live?

E.g. - send me an alert if at least 15 of the last 20 images are rejected… or if the average relative ice thickness for the last 20 images exceeds 1.2… or if the average defocus for the last 20 images exceeds 3.5µm.

These kind of alerts would be very helpful to alert users that they need to pause collection, skip squares, or otherwise intervene, and all the data to generate them seems to be there already.

(semi-unrelated, but it would also be good if Live had some understanding of the syntax of Leginon/SerialEM/EPU micrograph naming. I would love to be able to tell, without looking at the filename, when a new square or holemag target is starting - this is also useful for quickly seeing whether a problem is related to “one bad square” or if it is a more systemic issue)



Incidentally we ran into an issue last night where this would have been helpful - energy filter wandered off, and we only managed to catch it because someone in my lab happened to check in on the collection at 11pm… some kind of active alert system would be super useful!


Thanks for this suggestion! Recorded.

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Two thumbs up. Notifications based on limits set in Overview would be very helpful. And, square identification would be a nice feature.