Curate micrographs bug

When I reject an individual micrograph, the total number of rejected micrographs does not change, and if I then click accept selection, the micrograph I have rejected is now accepted. This seems like a bug? Or am I not using it correctly?


I believe you are correct; I haven’t seen those numbers ever update. It works otherwise however.

But it doesn’t work, in that the micrographs that I have rejected remain in the output selection… maybe this only happens when one combines using the sliders with rejection/acceptance of individual micrographs?

There is also another bug where the sliders reset frequently, especially for e.g. CTF fit cross-correlation (for CTFFIND4 it’s actually the fit score defined in the cisTEM paper). The only reliable way to use them I’ve found is to use the sliders (not the entry fields) and immediately press save before clicking anything else.

I have only accepted, not accepted and rejected, but I do have the correct numbers come out afterwards. It could be a bug like you suggest, but you might also double check the sliders / input metadata for the job have the right values when it runs.

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Yes, I have found the same - entering values in the entry fields does not work.

But this is definitely a separate bug, specifically concerning rejection of micrographs - it just doesn’t work, as far as I can tell, at least when performed after already making a selection using the sliders.

To be clear, the selection using the sliders works fine - but then specifically rejecting additional micrographs does not work, at all.


Hi @olibclarke and @DanielAsarnow, thanks for pointing these bugs out - sorry for the trouble. A relatively complete rework of the curate exposures job is in progress and we’ll be sure to clear these up.

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Is the curate exposures rework still in the pipeline? It seems unchanged in 3.0 (3.0 has many great new features, don’t get me wrong!).

For the large datasets that we are getting now with the K3 it is almost unusable (I have to split the datasets in to 4-6 different parts, curate separately and recombine).

Some relatively minor improvements like adding the non-interactive thresholds that are used in inspect picks would go a long way to making it a better experience I think, even absent a complete rework.


PS a similar utility for analysis of particle sets might be useful - e.g. a graphical utility for analysing changes in particle offsets and orientations from a refinement job might be useful?

I share Oli’s point-of-view on this matter. Also, the “accept/reject All” action cannot be undone. It will be nice to have a pop-up, after accept/reject all is chosen, asking us if we’d like to proceed. It’s not a good feeling after having visually gone through a thousand or so micrographs then mistakenly turning on the accept/reject all.

Hi @olibclarke, @CBEN,

We will be rolling out major updates to all of the interactive jobs in the next few weeks - thanks for your patience in the meantime!

- Suhail


great look forward to trying them out!!! thanks @sdawood!!

@sdawood is an update to micrograph curation and inspect picks still in the works?

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Hi @olibclarke, yes it’s in testing now and will be out in the next release!


Wonderful, will look forward to trying it out!

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