Curate exposures - list of issues

some feedback and issues with larger data-sets, on 4k micrographs the tool stops working

  • selection doesn’t work at all:

    • changing any slider, all micrographs get deselected
    • ctf resolution range is between 0.0 and 0.0
  • slow sliders response:

    • with more data it gets very, very slow
    • 15s for one move or for typing in one digit
  • sometimes it crashes

curate exposure more or less works on the tutorial ( 20 micrographs)

  • individual screen of micrographs is not showing the image corresponding to the file:
    • the micrograph images or ctf don’t update properly, they seem to get updated, but the previous image is often displayed instead (sometimes power spectrum, sometimes real image)

    • this is easy to show by clicking between two or three micrographs

  • selection tools:
    • lasso selection, box selection don’t update selected micrographs, visually it looks like sth is selected, but the selection count (top left) is not getting updated
    • it would be a really nice tool, if it would work :slight_smile:
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Hi @mturk, thank you very much for the feedback, we have recorded these issues and are working to fix.

Curate exposures is still frustrating to use, especially for large datasets (6,000 in my case). Is it possible to have a non-visual and non-interactive version to quickly select the criteria and range for each parameter to quickly select a subset of images?

My recommendation would be a scatter plot of fit score vs. estimated resolution (I believe this can already be made) and click-drag to box the desired area. (Lower left, high resolution and fit score not too high because those are usually crystalline ice).