Curate Exposure job has no thumbnails

Hello all,

while running a manual curate job and switching to card view I get the following error: “Micrographs do not have thumbnails”. This is perplexing because these exposures were exported from a Live session where the thumbnails were clearly visible. The question mark next to the error message suggests running a Generate Thumbnails job, which I did, but how does one connect these thumbnails to the curate exposure job ?

Thanks for reporting this issue @msleutel. We have taken note.

As a workaround, you may connect the relevant low-level inputs from Generate Micrograph Thumbnails to the expanded Exposures input group, as indicated by the purple arrows.

Fantastic, works like a charm.

Thank you for the speedy reply!

There is a simpler alternative: Connect the Micrograph Thumbnails output group of the Generate Micrograph Thumbnails job to the Exposures input group slot when building the Manually Curate Exposures job. In this case, one would not have to manipulate low level inputs.

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Hi all, this has now been fixed in CryoSPARC v4.5. Thank you!