CTFFIND expert options toggle does not work (v2) [Bug]




There is a toggle on the CTF estimation job settings for accessing expert options for CTFFIND4. The toggle does not appear to have any effect - no additional options appear during building or execution of the job.



Just from usage of ctffind4 outside cryosparc2 - doesn’t this just control whether “resample micrograph if pixel size too small” is passed on to ctffind? :slight_smile:




That is true if the input is an aligned average, but not if it is a stack - if you supply movies, it allows you for example to input parameters for correction of anisotropic magnification distortion (and I think there might be some other expert options that appear depending on previous input, though I’m not 100% on that)

Regardless, the toggle doesn’t seem to have any effect at present, so it should either be removed if it is considered unnecessary or fixed so that it does something, IMO



@olibclarke I believe in the next update this is changed/fixed though not sure exactly what the new behaviour is. Also should be updated to the latest version of CTFFIND. We also have a wrapper for GCTF coming out.


Hi @olibclarke,

The expert toggle is now fixed for micrograph inputs as of v2.4.