CSV files for individual classes?


I’ve been using ab initio runs with multiple models, and the output is a single CSV file and multiple mrc maps. Is there a way to obtain model-specific CSV files? The main CSV file contains information for all particles, and it is unclear which particles are used for which models.

I’m assuming this information is in the CSV file, but I am unclear of which column has this information. Looking at the CSV file, each particle seems to have alignment information for all models.

Is there a technical manual or some other resource that has a breakdown of the CSV file?


Don’t know how to tell in the initial CSV, but if you convert to a star file using Daniel Asarnow’s handy script, the class number is written out in the star file as a separate column (and you can then use awk or whatever to generate class specific star files). I completely agree CSV is a pain to read/parse, at least for me.


Just to add to that, when you use csparc2star.py there is a --minphic argument you can use to specify the class probability threshold. Also, the star.py program, also in my repository, lets you pull out particular classes. (Of course there are many other ways to do that, too).