CryoSPARC V4.0+: Using old GUI?


I am still using Version 3.1.4 because of some complications with upgrading to the new 4.0+ version. Eventually, I will have to upgrade because I want to take advantage of some of the new features. I’m just curious, but is there a way to keep the GUI from V3? I really have gotten used to and like the simple layout of V3 compared to V4. Toggling between the two would be a a neat feature to include in general settings if possible.


Hi @kherbine ,

Thanks for the post! For compatibility purposes the old interface still does come bundled with CryoSPARC v4 (including our latest release, v4.1.2). By default it is disabled - you can enable it by running:

cryosparcm start app_legacy

It will be available at BASE_PORT + 7, for example port 39007 on the default base port of 39000. More details are available on the guide.

Please keep in mind the old interface is not guaranteed to be included for future releases and is considered ‘legacy’.

Can I ask what aspects of the old interface you prefer over the new one? The updated interface in CryoSPARC v4 is a culmination of a large engineering effort to make processing more efficient. It should load data much faster and includes newer versions of popular interactive tools like Exposure Curation.

If there’s something you feel is missing from the new interface please let us know as we’re always trying to improve the experience for users :slight_smile:


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It takes some time, but the new interface will become second nature with practice and it is muuuuch improved. Highly suggest you make the leap, curse the system for a week or two, and then benefit eternally.


Hi @sdawood ,
Thanks a lot for your reply! I figured there was a ‘legacy’ option for the GUI, but just was not sure since I have not used the newer version much yet. As CryoEM2 mentioned, I probably just have to get use to the newer interface and it will take some time. I’m sure I will end up preferring the newer GUI. Aspects from the old interface I like:

  1. The Magnifying Glass mouse cursor that appears when placed over a project/workspace/job followed by being able to click the title to show the workspaces/jobs/overview card. This works only for Jobs in the newer version where you have to instead click on ‘view’.
  2. Simplistic view of /Projects tab compared to /browse/P* tab of the newer version. I think keeping just project details is a nice feature, but the created by X is unnecessary for me since we are a smaller lab with only 2 users. I also think the details card on the right side of the screen is way too large.
  3. Simplistic view of /Projects/P* tab compared to /browse/P*-W* tab of the newer version. I like being able to see every job header from each workspace without the images and ‘view’ section.
  4. Simplistic view of jobs. I actually really like the stats that appear on each header (# of particles, time of completion, classes, etc.) but I don’t like the white bar underneath that displays the cog icon, default, etc. Perhaps the time of completion stat can go in the unused bottom right corner of the displayed images?
  5. Finally, the color scheme. I very much like the white/slate blue/slate purple primary colors (like how cryosparc discuss is now) versus the additional black color that’s been added to the newer version (page header, sidebar, and background). It is distracting to me.

These are all very nitpicky things I understand, but I’d just thought I would share them with you! I have screenshots I took that may help with my explanations better if needed.


Hi @kherbine ,

Thanks for the detailed reply. We’ll definitely take this feedback into consideration as we make improvements to the interface over time.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other suggestions, particularly if they’re focused on features and functionality you would like to see implemented.