Cryosparc to Relion particle export error

Hi, I am trying to export a particle from cryosparc into relion for Bayesian polishing.
I used to convert the particle stack from cryosparc to relion.
I created a STAR file containing ‘particles.cs’ and ‘passthrough_particles.cs’ from a NU refinement job.
I used a Falcon4EC detector with a size of 4096*4096, but when I look at the x,y coordinates in the generated STAR file, they appear to be located outside the detector.
This issue is causing an “ERROR: Preprocessing::extractParticlesFromOneFrame ERROR: particle1 lies completely outside micrograph” error during extraction.
How can I determine why the coordinates are not located inside the micrographs, and what can be done to resolve this?

Presumably these are coordinates for the superresolution images as they have values like 6000.