Cryosparc notebook?


Would a cryosparc notebook tool be a useful addition (perhaps in cryosparc v3) as a possible alternative to the Tree View? I am envisioning a flowchart tool where job cards are dragged in, arrows drawn to link jobs, notes added to explain why a job is being run, and flags or stars added to job cards to mark important ones.

Hard disk space is an issue and I am constantly deleting jobs that did not improve my maps, but it would be nice to have a minimal record of the results, the inputs used, and the parameters even after a job has been deleted. This would also help in situations where projects have accumulated several hundred jobs.


Hi @Yazan,

Thanks for your suggestions! In an upcoming release, the job creation experience will be much more seamless. There will also be usability improvements to the tree view.

If you would like to annotate a job in the latest version of cyroSPARC, simply edit the job title and it will be added below the job card in the tree view:

In an upcoming release of cryoSPARC, it will be possible to delete intermediate results to free up disk space, yet still retaining the final results.