cryoSPARC Live Streaming 2D Classification results differ from 2D Classification job

I used Cryosparc Live in an imaging facility and got good results. Meaning I can see secondary structure in many of my 2D classes. I reprocess the same dataset with our lab cryosparc installation and didn’t get the same results. The 2D classes had not the same detailed secondary structure features as in Cryosparc Live. They were just flat blobs. Why they give different results?
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same, maybe… any updates from user or team?

Did you extract/export the same set of particles using the same box size and pixel size? It sounds like it could be an extraction issue.

Another thing to note for is that the default parameters for 2D classification in CS Live are slightly different from the default parameters in CS (for example the central masking), did you adjust for this?

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