cryoSPARC Live 2D classification mask diameter option

By default, cryoSPARC Live sets the mask to the max particle diameter. This is typically far too small. While one could simply set the max particle width to the desired mask size, that might result in too many junk picks. The mask width is manually adjustable by killing the 2D Class Stream job, building it with the desired mask diameter, and re-launching it.

This is a non-obvious process, and it would be preferable to set the diameter while picking the number of classes.

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Totally agree it’s a helpful setting and not so intuitive to find coming from regular cryosparc use, since the 2D behavior changed. In live, I tend to template pick, increase particle diameter and decrease the inter-particle distance, then play with the pick filter to remove the junk which is pretty effective.

Also, you don’t have to start and kill the 2D stream job. You can build before the first run.

100% agree with this, it is a minor irritant every time I start a Live run, feels like it is fighting against me

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