Cryosparc 2 master node system requirements

I am building a new system and would like to make a standalone master & worker cryosparc2 installation. The documentation states pretty clearly that the master node requires 2+ CPUs. Can I confirm, would the master node still be able to do its job on a single CPU socket system? Otherwise I should start adapting my system build now :wink:

Appreciate any insight and experience, thanks all!


Hi kylelmorris,

When the doc states that the master needs 2 CPUs, that means 2 cores (in a single socket or whatever). I shall add that you can’t consider hyperthreads as cores; forget about them, if you build a new system then you’ll need to consider “hardware” cores only.

For the rest I don’t know exactly, I have to figure out what the requirements are. I tested 2D classification and it needs 1 core per GPU. I also tested 3D refinement and it needs 4 cores per GPU, so as far as I can tell you’ll need at least 10 cores for a bi-GPU computer acting as master and worker.

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Thank you for the clarification @rnavaza, that makes more sense now. The estimate on core counts required for each type of job is very helpful too. Will go ahead with my build!