Crop movies for motioncorrection

Hi there,

is there a way to crop movies during motioncorrection? We have data from a DE-64 camera (Direct Electron), and we were told to use an extra argument during motion-correction: -crop 4064,4064 16,16. This works for instance in relion, where you can provide extra arguments for motion correction.
Is this feature available in cryoSPARC?

I had to manually remove a small amount of movies to make the full-frame motion correction run all the way through.

Many thanks,

Hi @maarten.tuijtel,

CryoSPARC has a completely separate and different motion correction algorithm and implementation from MotionCor2 and Relion. We don’t currently support cropping the movies before processing, but we have added this feature to our tracker.

You may be able to achieve the desired effect within cryoSPARC by using the MotionCor2 wrapper functionality.

Thanks for reporting!