Copy to SSD stays at 0

I imported a stack of particles into cryosparc that were used in cryodrgn. Before importing them into cryosparc I transformed those particles into a .star that referred to a .mrcs stack of particles.
The import of the particles worked well and there were no error .
After that I wanted to do a 2D Classification with them. The classification starts well, without any error, but when it should start to copy to SSD the particles, the count stays at 0 forever, even though there are space enough in the SSD.
I tried to do a 2DClass with other particles and worked well, indicating that there is not an installation problem

Does anyone have any clue about what could be happening?

I found the problem myself

it seems that the “complete” part is not refreshing but the copy is working anyway

I waited for 1h and the classification started and finished well