Continue job option for refinements

Dear community,

In the recent past I am having trouble processing my dataset – I am using the newest CryoSparc version (v.4.1.2) on a high performance cluster (employing 4 Nvidia A100 GPUs) in order to process the data. However, due to the restrictions of the cluster all jobs are cancelled after 24 hours. Since my jobs take more than 24 hours to be processed, they always fail now. Therefore, I would highly appreciate having the option to continue a failed job. I have noticed that this topic was raised several times by others already & would be happy to get an update of the status. Many thanks in advance!


Welcome to the forum @rbader.
We realize that job resumption is an often requested feature, but it is highly complex to implement and to support operationally. We therefore continue to focus on performance optimizations that reduce the number of cases where job interruption becomes a critical issue. In case that reduction of the runtime by a reduction in the (computational) problem size (downsampling, subsetting of micrograph or particle sets, etc) is not feasible, we recommend that you request an increase of the allowed run time from your HPC admins.