Commercial support offering

Dear all,

We’re running multiple Cryosparc instances by now.
As user adoption rises, we have an increasing amount of user requests. The efforts that go towards maintaining those instances with hundreds of projects and terabytes of managed data are increasing. Also there are feature requests, like SSO login, which are missing and are also increasing the overhead of operating each instance.

We’ve inquired about a commercial support contract towards Structura Biology, but from the responses we received, our impression is that there is no interest in providing such support.

As we have no choice in running Cryosparc or not, at this point we’re interested in any commercial support, be it 3rd party or by Structura directly.
The “support” is meant to be of technical nature, not the for science side. Typically, with other vendors, this is a yearly contract that provides a defined response time to allow contact to a technical person in case of such technical/operational issues.

So, to summarize, my main questions are:

  1. does Structura plan to offer commercial support in the future, and if so: when?
  2. are there any other parties providing technical support for this product?
  3. Is there anybody else out there, who has this requirement?


Hi @ebirn,
It’s great to hear that many users at your institution are finding CryoSPARC useful in their work.
As you know, we develop and distribute CryoSPARC for free for non-profit academic research use as a contribution to the community. As with any other software that academic users use for free, the task of managing the installations and systems does fall to the users or their institutional staff. We spend a lot of effort to make the software as easy to use and manage as possible, but we do expect academic users and staff to fill in the gaps in making their workflows work within their own institution context, regardless of the features or commercial offerings we can or can’t provide at any time.

Please see your direct messages regarding your other questions.

Hi Enrich,
I have worked extensively with Cryosparc in the past and if you are still on the lookout for some help I would be glad to help you out
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,