Combining particles from two workspaces of same project

Hello, I have two workspaces in the same project, each one is of data collected from a different grid, from different purifications of the same protein complex. For each collection, I used the same microscope under the same magnification, so the pixel size is the same.
After some analysis of the particles and the maps, I isolated a group of particles that have a complex I am interested in, I don’t see much of a difference between the complexes under the current resolution, and I would like to combine the particles from both workspaces to improve the data of the subset of particles.
How do I combine the particles dataset from different workspaces?

Thank you!

Hi Michal,

You can select the job that you want to combine the particles in (in any workspace or a new one within the same project). Once the builder detail tab is open, you should be able to navigate to other workspaces in the same project and drag the outputs you want to combine into their respective entry slot. Just make sure (you probably already know) that they have similar box size.

Hope that help.

Thank you! it worked

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