Cluster worker update error - pycuda

Yes, I confirm a pycuda install error on Arch but not on Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04.

I can copy the cryoSPARC installs somewhere safe and run through a full install again for both Ubuntu 22.04 and the current Arch box and save the logs if that would help?

Thank you for your kind offer. In our tests, installation on Ubuntu-22.04 worked, and we would be interested in learning about errors experienced by users on Ubuntu-{18,20,22}.04 (as well as RHEL family distributions).
In case you are planning a new installation or re-installation on Arch Linux anyway, a complete log of the installation commands, output and errors might be useful to us. We ask for your understanding, however, that support of our software on Linux Arch is not a priority for us right now.


Aye, I know Arch isn’t officially supported.

When I get a chance, I’ll bundle up all install input and output on Arch.