Clone a workspace


Is it possible to clone a workspace? I have a few datasets of the same sample and on the same scope with similar settings. I would like to process them similarly. If I could clone the workspace that I initially generated for one of the datasets, I would be able to keep the parameters the same for all the others and tweak if and when necessary. Cloning a workspace would be the easiest way to set this up.

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Cloning a workspace would indeed be the easiest. But if the joblist is not too long, single jobs can be cloned and very easily moved to a new workspace. Or even run “in a different workspace”.

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True. What I’m trying to do is set up my workflows for each of the datasets as similar to each other as possible going from importing to HR and NUR refinements with minimal manual intervention. And with that many jobs going on, Cryosparc’s both grid/tree views get quite cumbersome and confusing. I guess cloning a whole workspace would help me keep my projects a little more organized too. And as you mentioned, if I wanted to eventually move certain jobs into a set workspace, that option is always available.