Clearing multiple jobs

Really sorry if I have missed this, but is there a way to select multiple jobs for ‘clearing’ in the webapi? We are currently trying to come up with a more efficient pipeline for users to condense their processing pre-archiving, and, yes often they only ever need to keep the map and raw data if the data are published, but, there are some instances where keeping the processing tree (not the outputs, just the tree) is desired.

A ‘manual’ approach for this, from what I can see, is to clear every job in a hierarchy, clear intermediate results for the final volume and then archive, but clearing every job individually takes a lot of time. I was wondering whether I am missing an obvious one-click solution, or whether such a thing may be implemented? Unfortunately users are not able to access the command line interface, and often would not be confident with doing so.

Any other thoughts on efficient cleaning would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.