Clear intermediate result notification stays

4.0.3, I have cleared intermediate results for a few jobs. The small popup “clearing intermediate results” now shows up all the time. persistent after logging out and back in.

google chrome. on the order of days.

Are the clear jobs complete? Do the notifications go away if you click on them, or are they persistent even if manually closed? If they go away with a manual close, do they come back again when the project is next opened?

Jobs are definitely done. They go away when I click them, and they all pop back up when any other notification shows up (like job launch or complete) and when I swap workspaces.

Hm. Thanks for the further information. I was wondering whether this was a re-occurrence of the notification behaviour I saw once or twice back with CS3.2… the popup reappearing when switching workspaces is similar, but once I manually closed them they wouldn’t come back.

what’s worse is they come from different operations on different days… so I believe that every clear I do from now on will add 1 more to the growing list…

I had exact same problem, using Mac Safari

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Is the issue the same on Firefox or Brave (I would expect Brave to have a similar issue as it’s got the same underlying rendering engine as Chrome, but it doesn’t always hold to be the case…)?

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting. The ‘clearing intermediate results’ notification should normally clear itself after the action completes (at the longest a minute or two). The fact that it doe not could suggest an error occurred during that process. To help us debug, please email us ( your logs (cryosparcm snaplogs) with a link back to this post.

If you’re sure the action completed, the notification may not have been automatically cleared due to an unexpected interruption. Through the management dialog (triple dots on the left navigation bar → Notifications) you can manually clear these and it will permanently stop showing:

- Suhail

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Thank you! I have solved the problem by go to notifications and close the active notifications.