Clear all intermediate data via command line

Is this a bad idea?

for i in {1..1000}; do
cryosparcm cli
workspace_uid=None, job_uid=None, always_keep_final=True)"

(extra line returns for readability).

I withhold judgment on whether this is a good or bad idea in principle.
Purely from an implementation/syntax (P prefix in the project identifier, quoting, etc) perspective, such an iteration might more conveniently be performed in the icli, where one can more easily prepare (and filter) a list of real project identifiers and quoting (or not, as appropriate) is more straight forward.

@wtempel Is there a way to run commands such as clear_intermediate_results via the cryosparc-tools package instead of cryosparcm?

This would be useful in an environment (like ours) where I am a cryosparc admin but don’t necessarily have the password for the cryosparc user.

CryoSPARC CLI commands are available via the cryosparc-tools CryoSPARC.cli attribute. Please be aware that the cli interface is subject to change.