Clarification: selecting parameter from option dropdown

I want to import a mask generated in RELION to cryosparc. I used "import 3D volumes”. but the parameter “mask” couldn’t be selected, however map can be selected. The cryosprac version is v2.14.2. Is something wrong?



Hi @Lei,

This is odd - can you confirm you tried to change the value of the parameter ‘Type of volume being imported’ and it was unable to change to ‘mask’ as shown below?


- Suhail

Yes, the parameter mask is gray and can’t be selected, how ever the five map parameter are all black and can be selected.

Thanks for your reply. I have solved the problem. It is due to the small Webpage interface for my small computer screen. When i pull the interface to a larger one, the mask parameter can be selected.

Hi @Lei, glad you were able to figure it out!