Changing Project Ownership

Hi All,

I’m trying to change the owner of a number of projects in our CryoSPARC installation (v3.3.2).

I’m first list the relevant users:

cryosparcm listuser

Then execute a cli command to change the ownership as documented:


cryosparcm cli “set_project_owner(project_uid=‘P9’, user_id=‘new_user_id’)”

This seems to work ok, and the new user (non-admin) can see the relevant project when they log in under their ID. However, the project owner is not updated in the “data management” pane of the web interface - the “Owner” box in the table is blank (screenshot).

Am I missing something, and does it matter if the ownership change is not reflected here?



Hi @martin ,

Thanks for reporting. To confirm, even after reloading the page the table row does not display the correct owner ID?

- Suhail


Yes, that’s correct. Even if I restart the CryoSPARC master as well.


Hi @martin ,

Thanks for the additional info. What value did you use for the user_id parameter when calling set_project_owner? This needs to be in the form of a user’s MongoDB ID (_id in the users collection). You can query the list of IDs via the MongoDB shell:

cryosparcm mongo
> db.users.find({}, { name: 1, _id: 1 })
> exit

Please let me know if that helps.

- Suhail

Hi Suhail,

Yes that works - I was using the username instead of user ID parameter.

Many thanks,


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