Change project dir

Is there any way to change the project dir? Like when I move the projects folder, could I later update the dir and continue processing?

This might be a use case for an Archive-Unarchive sequence. Archive and Unarchive (CryoSPARC v≥4) operations are described in the Data Management Guide.

Thanks a lot! This is indeed what I was looking for

If you have access to the master:

cryosparcm cli "update_project_directory( project_uid='P123', new_project_dir='/new/project/dir' ) "

I am working on a single workstation, so Master and Worker is on once machine. Thanks for the code, I’ll try that

This command may be suitable under certain circumstances, but I would be concerned about what may happen in the interim between the

  • database update and
  • the change of the directory path.