Change parameter of "Import movies" later on

Hi all,
so I have imported phase plate data at focus, went through patch motion corr and manual curation. The 2D classification with CTF turned off (as images are in focus), the averages have the wrong sign (dark images on bright background). I guess this is because I turned CTF correction OFF, but the data is imported as phase plate data.
Is there any way that I can change the sign or reimport the movies with phase plate data turned off, but without having to go through motion corr and especially manual curation once again?

Hi Dario,

I am not sure if this will achieve what you want, but, the ‘Exposure Tools’ job under Utilities could do the trick? It has two options, one of which (Phase Plate data) indicates if data was collected with a phase plate. I’ve no experience with this,so, hopefully others could also jump in and offer their thoughts! Good luck!


It worked, thank you so much!
I used “Exposure Tool” with “negative stain” turned ON on the curated exposures. This flipped the sign and now the exported particles are dark-on-light, the following 2D classification with CTF correction turned OFF gives me light-on-dark averages

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Glad to hear it worked out!