Can't input two half maps into Validation (FSC) as described in "Local res. estimate with imported map error"

Hello, I am new to cryoSPARC and so please excuse me if this question has an obvious answer that I could not find!
I would like to run an FSC validation job and, after importing two half maps, I could drag the output of the first import job (i.e. J1.imported_volume.map_half_A) into the volume field of the Validation (FSC) job. Then, I tried importing J2.imported_volume.map_half_B following what was suggested in the topic “Local res. estimate with imported map error”. However, this did not replace one of the (identical) half maps A in the group 1 created in the previous step… but instead created a group 2 with again two identical half maps B.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks and best regards,

Hi @zorg,

Apologies for the very delayed reply. Once you have dragged the map_half_A group (from the first volume) into the volume slot, you have to drag the map_half_B low-level result (from the second volume) into its result slot. When you click and drag the map_half_B result into its slot in the volume input, you should see both slots turn green. You can then drop it on one of the slots, and it will override the duplicated map_half_A result. For example, see the screenshot below of what it should look like.

A very similar use case is described in our guide page on the job builder, which shows the necessary steps to directly input the half-maps for a local resolution estimation job. The validation job works in the same way, in that it takes in only half-maps.

Note that if you don’t have a mask input, you will have to activate the “Generate new FSC mask” parameter, in order for the job to run. Please let me know if you encounter any more difficulties!



Thanks, will have a go!