Can't access web-interface under reverse proxy after 3.3.2 --> 4.0.2

Hi team,

I updated our instance to 4.0.2. version today, and all of a sudden I can’t access it via web-interface anymore. We used to have it under, and now when I access it, I can only enter password, and it hangs after that:

however, if I run an ssh tunnel and access it via local port, it works fine:

ssh -N -L localhost:5000:<cryosparc_instance_ip>:39000

and if I open http://localhost:5000, I can see cryosparc’s interface.

What do I do to restore old behavior – namely, being able to open to access a web-interface?

Hi @marinegor ,

Thanks for the post. Could you please take a look at this Apache configuration another user posted? We’ve tested and confirm it works as expected: CryoSparc 4.0.1 doesn't work behind reverse proxy? - #2 by clil16

For reference, if you hosted CryoSPARC via NGINX there shouldn’t be any configuration changes required from v3 to v4.

- Suhail

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thanks for the reply, it fixed the problem :+1: