Cannot remove exposure groups once Live run started

Hi all,

Often we like to test individual squares in cryoSPARC Live as individual exposure groups. Once the run has been started, I cannot figure out how to remove a group. The ‘remove’ button is greyed out, even after I pause the run. It would be helpful during screening to remove a group once we have determined the square is low quality.


Hi @simonbrown, you can toggle Ignore exposures from this group in order to prevent them from being considered in the session. Unfortunately until you Clear the session, you will not be able to remove an exposure group that contains 1+ exposures.

Ah right, that is unfortunate. When I use Ignore Exposures, the pre-processing still occurs on these micrographs. So for example, if I change picking parameters, all the ‘bad’ Ignored micrographs are re-processed as well.

Would it be possible in the future for ‘Ignore Exposures’ to prevent preprocessing as well?