Cannot import .mrc movies from data bank

I am using some cryo data from EMPIAR data bank. the movies are all in “.mrcs” format.
the tutorial used .tiff format, but I tried to use .mrcs format anyways.
After Import movies I received this error message:

I don’t know the problem here. should I change the format from .mrcs to .tif?
Is there something else that I am totally overlooking?
I would appreciate your help.
Stay Well.

Hi @Arya, this is a known issue with some EMPIAR dataset that will be fixed in an upcoming release of cryoSPARC.

You may still be able to continue processing the data; can you check that the imported_movies output group is useable? If it’s not, click the “Mark Job as Complete” button in the job details panel to try to resolve the outputs, then check again.



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the problem is solved! thanks for you help.