Cannot fully attach project after detached from an instance

Hi all,

I detached my project, move disk to another instance, then attach it. However, only partial of jobs can be seen after attached. I have ~600 jobs before detached, but only ~300 jobs can be found.

I guessed this issue cased by jobs not fully exported during detached process.

can someone help me how to repair it?

As my original project is still in the original instance, can I just somehow modified it back into “attached” status to rescue my project?


One of the workspace before detached!
Screenshot from 2023-04-15 11-01-07

after detached and attach again!
Screenshot from 2023-04-15 11-00-51

Welcome to the forum @Meng.
In which sense is your project

Haven’t you moved the


Thank you very much! The project was detached, but I do not delete it from database! It can still be view but cannot be calculate any more! I want to mount my disk back to my compute again, then just rescue my project by modify database or something else to set the project back into attached status.

@Meng Please can you confirm on the original instance that the command
cryosparcm cli "get_project('P1', 'detached')"
shows True.
If so, you can try:

  1. Detach the project from the “other” instance, then
  2. Re-Attach the project to the original instance.
  3. Confirm the re-attachment was successful. For example, you should be able to clone a job that could not be found on the other instance and run it. If any problems occur, please email us the tgz file produced by the command (on the original instance):
    cryosparcm snaplogs. Otherwise, please continue.
  4. Detach the project from the original instance, then
  5. Attach the project to the “other” instance. If the attachment does not work as expected, please email us the tgz file produced by the command (on the “other” instance):
    cryosparcm snaplogs.

In your email (I will send you the email address by direct message), please indicate on which instance and under what circumstances (for example: after failed attachment on “other” instance) that attached tgz file was created.