Can you use cryoSPARC solely to classify?

I’m wondering if I can instruct cryoSPARC to skip alignment optimization and instead use only prior orientation parameters from a .star file. (I’m pretty confident in previously-determined orientations and my particles are noisy enough that trying to align them and allow sampling of all orientations just runs right off the rails.)
I’m not sure if the branch-and-bound will allow this… don’t see an obvious option on the GUI… anybody know?
Thank you!

Hi Nancy, thanks for posting.
Currently classification-only is not implemented, but can you explain your use case a bit more? Are you perhaps trying to perform focussed classification?

Thank you. I am trying to classify subparticles extracted from full particle (virus) micrographs. Their orientations are known from the full virus refinement. I’ve not yet tried masked classification – I’m concerned that removal of more signal would make any orientational alignment even harder – my subimages are 60x60px and fairly noisy. Masking might make classification go a little better if I could use existing orientations… Thank you again for the response!