Can not access to cryosparc live web window

Hi guys,
my cryosparc runs well. but i can not open the cryosparc live web window with http://localhost:39006. Does anybody know what the problem is ?

Since CryoSPARC 4, the Live view has been accessed on the same port as the main CryoSPARC interface. What version of CryoSPARC are you running?

Thank you for quick reply. my current version is 4.4. you mean this (screenshot)?


Hi @zcp ,

As @rbs_sci has mentioned, in CryoSPARC v4+ you no longer need to use a separate port to interact with Live sessions. Click on the lightning bolt icon from the left navigation bar to view and create a new session. More details on how to navigate the interface are available on the guide: Projects, Workspaces and Live Sessions - CryoSPARC Guide

- Suhail

Thank you very much. i figure it out finally.