Calls for more input options in Topaz Extract job

Hi developers,
Could you add a function to define how many CPUs to use in a Topaz Extract job? By default it use 1 CPU and cannot modify within cryosparc web UI. This makes the preprocessing procudure toooooo slow.

Hi @hxn,

Can you point me towards the Topaz documentation that outlines where to specify the number of CPUs to use for the Topaz Extract job?


Just as a follow on from this, the topaz gui option shows the option for specifying the number of CPUs from the NYSBC page under Preprocessing and Extract.


Where the default in cryoSPARC is 0 and for all cores its -1, would it be possible to put an option to specify the number of cores?

Apologies if I missed if this had been spoken about else where.


Hi @mplockhartuom and @hxn,

Thank you for your suggestion. We added an option to specify the number of CPU cores and will be included in the next release of cryoSPARC.

Jay Yoo

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This has been done in v2.13.