Cache / SSD configuration options

Perhaps they already exist and I’ve overlooked them, but if not it would be awfully nice to add configuration options to allow specifying a) the maximum cache size cryoSPARC is allowed to use, and b) to be able to request that it clear the cache at the completion of the last running job.

We have a multi-user / multi-application system with a shared 500 GB SSD. Rather quickly, cryoSPARC fills up this entire drive and never automatically releases space, to the detriment of all other users / applications on the system. Obviously, I can manually clear the cache, but it would be nice if the configuration options were flexible enough to support shared rather than exclusive cache storage.


Hi @jmh,

Check out the options you can use to update a worker’s cache configuration here:

Specifically, the options:

[--ssdquota <ssd_quota_mb> ] : quota of how much SSD space to use (MB) 
[--ssdreserve <ssd_reserve_mb> ] : minimum free space to leave on SSD (MB)