Bug with undesired input in empty fields

When I am editing a job in v4 (at least in Safari), sometimes “-11” will randomly and spontaneously appear in empty fields. I am not sure exactly what triggers this, but it seems like a bug.



Hi @olibclarke ,

This is quite odd! Some members of our team use Safari and haven’t run into this issue before. Sometimes browser extensions can have unintended effects on certain input fields, perhaps that is the case here?

- Suhail

Hi Suhail,

I think it is an interaction with two-finger swiping to scroll the view on the trackpad on my macbook - this then also scrolls the input value in the active field, even if the cursor is nowhere near it. E.g. here see how the value changes from 8 to -5 to 5 without user intervention:

Hi @olibclarke ,

Thanks for the extra information. Indeed, we noticed Safari implements default behaviour not seen in other browsers: the scroll wheel modifies values when a number input is in focus. We noticed this during development and tried to mitigate it, but it looks like that functionality can still be triggered somehow.

We’ll take another look!

- Suhail

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