Best way to parse cryosparc log files / project folders?

Hi everyone,

after posting this request, I’m actually thinking that the prototype could be easily implemented myself, based on the cryosparc folder structure and state of the log files for each job.

Hence, I’m curious if the standard cryosparc module has any build-in methods to fetch the project/job info, or I must try parsing the log files manually? Sure the log files are just simple text files, but it probably would be better to re-use already existing code for that matter.

Please can you list the specific information items that you seek to extract.

For starters, it’d be nice to have:

  • a job status – if it has completed or failed.
  • who created the project, workspace and the job – to send the notifications only to the people in need.

cryosparcm cli "get_job_status()"

This is just a sample of possibly useful functions (methods); cryosparcm cli just one way to call them. You may alternatively write python scripts that you could execute like:
cryosparcm call python <path_to_script> (see related post).


Thanks, I’ll try working with that!