Begginer with Cryosparc

Dear all,

I am just a very beginner with cryosparc and cryoEM. I am trying to open some scipion data in cryosparc. They sent me a set of scipion data with different kind of files and formats but I do not know which one is the one I should open and how to open it by means of cryosparc.
I am a bit lost. I have different folders with projects, inside each folder there is another 4 folders (logs, runs, tmp and uploads), and inside all the folders there are different folders and files with .sqlite format.
Could anyone help me out?

Thank you very much in advance



I use .star file for particle input. One of the paths I used is: *ScipionUserData/projects/D1/Runs/006670_ProtRelionExtractParticles/
I hope that helps.