Batch download of micrograph images


Another feature I wish was available in Live and in Exposure Curation jobs would be the ability to mark several exposures (a checkbox and corresponding keyboard shortcut to toggle it would be best), and a button “Download all micrograph preview images” that would let me pull all the png files of these marked micrographs (with the level of low-pass filter currently in use in the viewer).

I like to browse datasets visually and collect good representative :sweat_smile: micrographs to use in figures. But this is very tedious to do one by one.

Hey Guillaume,
I think this is already possible in a quite quick way:

  1. In the curate exposures job, only select those that you wish to export.
  2. Run a “Generate Micrograph Thumbnails” with a suitable resolution
  3. Locate the job folder on the server and download the “thumbs” directory, or even just filter for either the 1x or 2x resolution, depending on what you need.

Does that answer the question?
That doesn’t really make it available in “Live” per se, but with the new configuration of live, I guess you would just be able to run something similar in the project with the live session attached.

Sincerely, Martin

Hi Martin,

Thank you, this is indeed useful. Not quite as user friendly as downloading straight from the browser, but this will do for me (I can find my way in the underlying job directories).

Hi @Guillaume ,

Thank you for the post! We’ve added your original suggestion to our to-do list.

- Suhail

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