Average Power Spectra

I ran an average power spectra job given as input 18 selected 2D class averages and the corresponding particles. In return I got only 10 power spectra. Is there a limit in the number of average power spectra that can be calculated in one job run? (the job is labeled as completed)

I also noticed that the resulting images (real space 2D class averages and power spectra) are not labeled. I assume that they are in order so that first power spectrum (going in order left to right and from top to bottom) correspond to the first class and so on. if possible adding labels to these images to facilitate their identification would be nice feature to add.


Hi, there are only 10 PS displayed in the log file, but if you open the mrc stack in the corresponding job folder it will contain all the 18 PS. And yes, the order of PS and real space 2D class averages in the log file is the same. Agree with you that a better labeling, as well as keeping the order of the original 2D classes would be useful for this job.

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