Average Power Spectra for any input with in-plane rotation information

Dear CryoSPARC developers,
for the average power spectra job, currently the input is limited to segments belonging to a selection of 2D class-averages. However, as long as the inputs have in-plane information, it is possible to generate a meaningful average power spectra. For example, the job should allow inputs such as extracted segments prior to 2D classification, or segments from a 3D helical refinement. 2D classification of helices is sometimes a tricky business, and can cause more troubles (misalignments, artifacts) that can affect the subsequent PS sum. Thanks

Dear @adesfosses,

Thank you for the feature request. This makes good sense, the in-plane information doesn’t need to be limited to coming from 2D classes and could certainly be validly obtained from 3D alignments or even during particle picking. I’ve recorded this as an enhancement to the average power spectra job, and if/when this task is picked up we may reach out for more information or discussion.


Dear Michael,
that’s great, thanks ! Yes sometimes right after picking this tool will be useful to quickly evaluate the signal from the raw yet not very well aligned segments. And after 3D refinement, in some cases, to evaluate the quality of alignment and or validity of symmetry.
With best wishes