Automatically package exposures and particles? (Live, feature request)


When a session is marked as completed, cryosparc makes a job in the Live session folder in regular cryosparc called “live session completed”, or words to that effect. This job doesn’t really have any useful outputs though.

Would it be possible to add to it outputs for accepted exposures, rejected exposures (including the movie blobs so that local motion correction can be performed if desired), extracted particles and final particles?

This would make further processing in regular Cryosparc much easier, and would allow the user if at a facility to just copy the entire Live job folder and then import it into their local instance and continue processing as normal.


On second thoughts it seems this can more or less be done by invoking “export exposures” and “export particles” on the config page. Perhaps it would be worth running these automatically when a session is marked as completed? For the “export exposures”, I would also include a “rejected exposures” blob, just in case the user wants to revisit micrograph curation later