Automated deletion (or perhaps archiving) after a certain time


We have a high speed (nvme, 100GbE) shared storage environment that is intended to allow for fast HPC scratch use, but has essentially become the default space for cryosparc (3.3 currently, are waiting on some new hardware and a good time to got to 4.x) usage within a cluster environment. I have been asked to automate deletion of data from this space after 45 days (with appropriate warnings before hand), and was wanting to know if:

  • Anyone here has done this type of thing?
  • What is the cleanest way to do this from a cryosparc standpoint?
    • I know that it would be possible to get a list of all projects, last access time, and project path from cryosparc cli and then delete the project and files.
    • I also realise that this will likely leave behind some files (example raw data that has been imported but is not in the project folder, only symlinked)
  • Are there any caveats that I should be aware of:
    • is it possible that a project is not self contained in one folder?
    • Would this break things if someone put a project inside another project (I see that I have such a case right now…)