Attach a project which was not detached properly

I’m helping a user who got a project from another location, which was not properly detached. The project only contains a live session. There is a cs.lock-file in the project folder, which indicates that the project was not detached before being copied.

I deleted the lock-file and then attached the project, but there are no jobs in the S1 workspace and when going to the lives session no data are shown.

  • What is going on?
  • Is there a work-around if the project was not detached properly before the project folder was being copied?

Edit: Both the original instance and the new instance are version 4.1.2.

Our scenario (with an improperly detached project with a lock-file) is similar to what is described here:

Use Case: Rescuing a project from an inoperable instance

But what we did (manually deleting the lock-file before attaching) did unfortunately not produce a working project.

Was a new cs.lock file created during your attachment attempt?

At one point, we tried to make an empty cs.lock file (unix command “touch cs.lock”), but I don’t remember at what stage of the trial-and-error process. Could that be the culprit?

That is possible. An empty cs.lock file would not contain the required identifier, and may interfere with the creation of a functional cs.lock.
Are there any errors related to the import of the project in the output of
cryosparcm log command_core?