Allow notifications to be permanently dismissed (feature request)


When clearing space, I encounter this situation a lot - many notifications indicating progress clearing intermediate results, that cannot be dismissed (or rather, which reappear immediately after being cleared) and which hide other elements of the UI.

Would it be possible to allow these notifications to be permanently dismissed? Or at least, if there are multiple, to minimize them so they don’t obscure the user interface?


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Hey @olibclarke ,

Thanks for the suggestion - we’ll work to improve the display of multiple long-running notifications so that the interface isn’t obstructed like this.

We’ve also noted your suggestion re: the ability to suppress certain notifications.

- Suhail

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Sorry to bump an old topic, found it while searching for something along these lines…

I just upgraded the storage on one of our systems, and in the process exported and detached all projects. While exporting, I had a constant flood of notifications scrolling (to the point where the browser just had artefacts up the whole left side of the screen). Suppressing notifications would have been wonderful - any news on when this might be added?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Aren’t they persistently dismissed when cleared via the notifications tab? You can put the mouse over where the clear button is on the top right and click repeatedly.

…gets rather tedious.

I don’t need hundreds of notifications to tell me something I already know - i.e.: that hundreds of jobs are busy exporting, or projects are being detached.

Not that I’ve seen, maybe it’s changed recently?