Adjusting the NCC/Power filter for exposure in test mode

In particle picking, when using “adjust template picker” for initial tests, it maintains the previous settings of “filter and extract template picks,” so if these settings are way off, it’s impossible to properly inspect the new picks. I also can’t change the NCC/Power filter settings until picking is set.

Hi @user123,

While we’re working on a better way to test more than one exposure at a time in a future update, I wanted to clarify the current test functionality. Activating ‘test’ on a particular exposure will re-pick particles (blob or template depending on what tab you’re on). You can preview new thresholds by moving the NCC or power score sliders, the exposure viewer will update automatically. However, because the ‘Filter and extract’ stage only applies to all exposures (or future exposures if you click ‘activate for future’), it’s not possible to confirm custom thresholds for just a single exposure (e.g. the one in test mode). If you’re happy with the new parameters after testing, you can apply the parameters to all or future exposures.

Does that help?

- Suhail

Thanks, Suhail. I think I realized later on that this was due to the imported profile. It’s not a big deal to get around. Thanks for clarifying.