Adding the cryosparc user name to parameters available in cluster submission


we have a single cryosparc2 master shared by multiple users, but our cluster computing system has per-user quotas - the end result being that all users share the quota of the service user for the cryosparc2 master.

It would be easy to assign the right user quota if cryosparc was making the cryosparc username of the user who submitted the script available to the submission script, e.g. as

{{ cryosparc_user }}

Could something like this be implemented? :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


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Hi Juraj,

We’ve noted down this request in our internal tracker and will keep you updated.


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or alternatively, each user having a “cluster quota” parameter passed to it at creation along with “username” “password” “full name” - this would avoid the submission script having to map from cryosparc user to quota name :slight_smile:

Hello @xeniorn,

cryoSPARC username is now available in cluster submission scripts as of v.2.3. You can find more info here.


I saw it in the changelog, many thanks for the heads up!