"Accepted Exposures" doesn't match image number in .cs file

as you can see there are 9977 accepted items, but when I counted the numbers of a keyword in the micrograph names in the exported .cs file, there are only 5971 matching names.
The original purpose is to make a directory only contains accepted micrographs for my collaborator.


@CleoShen Please could you provide more details that can help us better understand your case:

  • the path of the .cs file you inspected, relative to your cryoSPARC project directory
  • how you opened the .cs file (as described in the guide?)
  • how you chose the keyword, performed the search and counted the matches

Hi wtempel,

I figured out the problem. I was trying to convert the .cs file to be .txt just by saving as .txt, then I used phyton to convert the .cs to be .txt, then it works.