About gain correction

I collected data on Titan Krios with K3 camera. I am trying to import movies using CryoSparc but however I see my images are not gain corrected. A line still keeps appearing in the middle of the images. I have tried flipping in X and Y and using the combinations of both flip and rotate gain reference but it still provides me the same result. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding my problem?
Thank you for the help!

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You might need to provide a defect file.

I inherited a dataset where the only way I could reliably get rid of a defect line was to manually create a defect file (they’re a simple format, e.g.: )

1 3400 4096 1

The above describes a single line defect horizontally across a 4K sensor at line 3400, while

2500 2500 1 1

Describes a single-pixel defect at position 2500x2500.

Just space delineated text file is all that is needed.

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