Ab initio with multiple classes does not show output


I have run a single class ab initio in Live - it was running, but I decided to change to two classes. I did that in Live, and submitted it. Shortly after in Live it says that the one class job has completed, but it doesn’t provide any info on the status of the two class job I submitted, even though I can see when I look at cryoSPARC that it is running - this seems like a bug?


It did eventually show up in Live - but only after the job actually completed. So if you were just looking at Live, you would think that it was not working.

Hi @olibclarke thanks for reporting - this is a bug, i.e. we assumed that Live is only tracking a single running a job for each phase of processing. When a second one is launched without killing the first one, both end up being “tracked”, overwriting eachothers’ results when they complete (depending on order of completion)
We are working on ironing out the kinks in this part of the workflow